The Care and Keeping of You : The Body Book for Girls

Being both body and mind, one must know how to care for one's body.

The author keeps the interest of 8 to 12 year old girls, while sensibly presenting the many common, important health aspects they face.

Full Review

Your daughter will enjoy this book. The Care & Keeping of You covers every aspect of grooming and hygiene about which most girls might wonder.  It addresses such issues as fingernails, underarms, tanning*, foot care, fitness, and sports safety. Its discussion of puberty is not too technical but is detailed, sensitive and sensible.

The Care & Keeping of You deals with breast development, how to choose a bra, and how to deal with being large or small breasted. An entire chapter is devoted to menstruation, what to expect, and how to manage it with feminine hygiene products —yes, PMS is also discussed. Last, but certainly not least, is the author’s discussion of “The Girl Inside”, of how emotions are affected by hormones.

Schaeffer never “talks down” to her audience, yet conveys a matter of fact caring for what matters. The illustrations are not outstanding but will certainly satisfy the intended audience.

*This book was printed at a time when any sun exposure was considered a cancer risk. Now, more sensibly, human adaptation to sunlight is acknowledged. The best source of vitamin D (an important cancer fighting micro-nutrient) is naturally produced by the skin, when appropriately stimulated by sunlight.  Lack of sun causes more cancers than the right amount of sun.