The Big Storm

In "The Big Storm", Jeanette pursues to recover a lost value: her kitten

During a big snowstorm Jeanette realizes she had forgotten her cat, remembers its value, and rushes to find it.

Full Review

Jeanette’s cat, Kitty Doyle, regularly meets her as she returns from school, but this snowy day Jeanette visits her friend’s for latkes. Suddenly Jeanette remembers KD will be waiting in the snow; she must find her. The Big Storm introduces a young girl’s life in Winnipeg in the early 1900s, and presents her properly recovered sense of values.

Aberdeen School is now entirely surrounded by Winnipeg.

Aberdeen School in 1903 —imagine the winds! Today it is entirely surrounded by Winnipeg's buildings.

Jeanette’s father ran a delicatessen and she attended Aberdeen School nearby. By forgetting KD, she briefly disregarded her hierarchy of values. The more important value, that was Kitty Doyle, would have to be recovered.  The good thing about the story is how she quickly and fully re-assumes pursuit of that value.

The Big Storm may be a story about the author’s mother. Though the illustrations are a bit crude they capture the weather, the lifestyle and the mood of the story. The Big Storm is a good pet appreciation story for children.