Snowflake Bentley

Perseverance and numerical record keeping with images are important to science.

Wilson Bentley's lifelong fascination with, and sensible study of, snowflakes eventually earned him the respect of scientists.

Full Review

Snowflake Bentley tells of Bentley’s undying interest in snowflakes, how they vary and how they form. His parent’s first entertained his fascination as a child’s curiosity, then as a misguided interest, until finally they supported his study by buying him equipment. Bentley was not distracted or discouraged by peers or neighbors who thought he was wasting his time.

The crude appearance the ‘woodcut’ illustrations is not suited to this subject, and a lack of true photographs decreases the book’s value. Most marginal comments are important enough to be a part of the central prose, but instead disrupt the story of Bentley, hampering its lessons from crystallizing in young readers’ minds. Unfortunately the story builds no tension and is simply a telling of events. It blocks the likelihood of a better Snowflake Bentley biography being authored.