Sadie and the Snowman

A child's erseverance despite the odds takes on a cuteness all its own.

Little Sadie's childhood perseverance, at making her beloved snowman last, is to cute to ignore.

Full Review

In Sadie and the Snowman, the color illustrations show an intent Sadie, building and rebuilding her snowman, finding ways to secure him against the warm weather, even sadly building her littlest, spring snowman in the dog’s water bowl! You won’t be able to resist reading this to your child.

  • Margie Whitehouse

    this was one of my daughters favourite books as a child. Now that she is a teacher she uses it with her elementary class.

  • Richard Bramwell

    Wonderful.  It is such a great portrayal of valuing, at the level of a child.  A life without valuing is no life. Valuing should begin at the elementary level, rather than the uncertainty, doubt and service to others (as more important than personal valuing) that is commonly taught.