Baby teeth & hair fall out; do our bodies fall apart?

Hilariously, a five year old is confused by convincing  'evidence' that his body is disassembling, like a cheap doll.

Full Review

Tedd Arnold shows children how true facts can be misconstrued. A bit of hair falling out, peeling skin between toes, a loose tooth, and other items (plot spoilers) suggest to a five year old: “Quite soon I’ll be in pieces, / A pile without a shape.

This should be required reading for adults: it demonstrates false induction due to a mis-integration of select facts —in a children’s poem!  Amazing… and did we mention “funny”?

The VM score for Parts is primarily a function of its Ideas: a smart theme and a positive “sense of life”.  The humor in Parts contributes only a small amount to its Style score. Humor is often over-rated, is often used as a substitute for happiness, and is even a mask for unhappiness. Lasting happiness arises from right ideas and right actions.