No Jumping On The Bed

Great children's books encourage planning for consequences.

Ignoring his father, Walter's bouncing causes him and his bed to fall through many floors –until he wakes up and hears Delbert bouncing above him!

Full Review

Walter bounces on the bed so hard that it crashes through the floor after floor of his apartment building.  As goes, he drags along a torrent of colorful characters and objects:

“Down and down fell Walter, Miss Hattie, Mr. Matty, Aunt Batty, Patty and Natty, Mr. Hanratty, Fatty Cat, seventeen cans of paint, the stamps, the TV, the spaghetti, the bed, and all.”

We see them in a heap in the apartment building’s basement. Of course, young readers will grasp that bouncing on a bed will not cause it to crash through the floors below  . . . or will they?

Although the point is not well made, the story suggests one should anticipate the consequences of one’s behavior, as well as that of others. The suitably representational artwork is cleanly executed, effectively supplements the fantasy, and is quite amusing. The surprise ending has an “Uh Oh!” quality that will bring a smile.