Mrs. Honey’s Hat

Great children's literature can be light hearted and provide a useful lesson.

Mrs. Honey is so inattentive she allows her hat to be transformed into something amusingly undesirable.

Full Review

First, bubble gum replaces feathers. Mrs. Honey’s hat is thereby ‘altered’.  Then a hermit crab removes a decorative shell, but leaves behind some seaweed. This continues with Mrs. Honey failing to notice, until she is finally aware that people are staring at her during church. Maybe it’s time she considered a new hat.

She at last looks in a mirror. “Goodness,” she exclaims, “I’ve GOT a new hat!“.

The charming story demonstrates the consequences of inattentiveness in a way that will even have parents chuckling. The pictures are invaluable contributions to the overall humor of her plight.  It’s cutely humorous, even memorable, but hardly inspiring.