Helen Keller

Cover Image - Helen Keller - A Determined Life

Keller's life is told as a series of events using an age appropriate vocabulary, with an abundance of factual notes & related images.

Full Review

MacLeod has presented accurate facts of Helen Keller’s life that can be read smoothly and easily. Unfortunately it amounts to an uninspiring list of data and events, where Keller’s difficult challenges are basically named and then, simply, overcome.  The opening two paragraphs explain the problems and the success Helen achieves.  Illustrations appear crude and faces are nearly expressionless, evoking little reaction.   Instead, consider Helen Keller: A Determined Life .

To see how fully MacLeod has under-played the story of Helen Keller, ValuedMinds unreservedly recommends the first, 1962, Helen Keller movie, in black & white, entitled “The Miracle Worker”. The miracle is the transformation Helen underwent when, thanks to Ann Bancroft’s relentless efforts, she began to grasp concepts, as condensed into words. Here is one early scene showing us that even a smart human being like Helen, without properly formed concepts, cannot function much better than as an animal.

Keep in mind that whereas many modern movie makers strive to make characters appear natural (as ‘real’ people) this movie stylizes the characters’ horrors,  successes and failures, more as we might see in a play.

The entire film (1:46:28) is available on YouTube if you have good download speeds.  It may also be available via BitTorrent services.