Green Wilma

Green Wilma teaches us that dreaming is fun, but can distract us from the realities required for living.

Green Wilma discovers that day-dreaming is fun, but can distract one from realities required for living.

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Young Wilma day-dreams she is a green, froggy, human child who goes to school.  Suddenly she loses her balance, falls off her log, and is nearly eaten by a fish.

Another subtle Ted Arnold moral emerges: “When you dream, be careful that you don’t fall off the log“, but it is nearly lost in Wilma’s fantasy antics. Parents could help emphasize the need to limit day-dreaming lest it compromise one’s ability to focus on, and act in, reality.

The characters have Arnold’s usual but hilarious “bug-eyed surprise” appearance. Those who enjoy Green Wilma will certainly enjoy Arnold’s Parts and Five Ugly Monsters.