Arthur’s First Sleepover

The best revenge on a prank must be harmless and smarter.

At Arthur's backyard sleepover, he and friends deal with a prank based on their unfounded fear of 'aliens'.

Full Review

Marc Brown’s genius lies in presenting simple and definite themes, using plots that are relevant to a child’s developing grasp of the world. Here Brain and Buster stay the night with Arthur in his family’s tent. The talk of an alien ‘sighting’ causes the boys to worry. They prepare ‘alien friendly’ signs and then settle in —with snacks. A surprise pizza delivery panics them hilariously, but it is DW that terrorizes them the most.

The best revenge on a prank is harmless, smarter,  and great fun.  Arthur’s solution for revenge on DW is just what kids would love.   Even a nervous child would enjoy it.