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  • Bridge To Terabithia
  • The Year of Miss Agnes
  • Sarah, Plain and Tall

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Perspicacitythe ability to see more deeply into events, issues, personalities or life. One who practices it, can see beauty and happiness that is otherwise out of reach. Both these books present characters so well, that as they come to a deeper understanding of events, so does the reader!

Bridge to Teribithia presents the influence of an exceptional and lively young girl, on the narrow life of a local boy.  His understanding of life is as limited as is his life of low social standing.  Through wonderful times and awful, he matures beyond his years and social class.

Prairie Flowers for Sarah, Plain and Tall.Sarah, Plain and Tall focuses on an entirely different subject, that requires every bit as careful attention.  Told from the perspective of motherless prairie children, we see how subtle acts, by both  the new woman on the farm and their own father, show a growing relationship.  Readers are drawn in, as the children come to notice.

Review of Books



Bridge To Terabithia

Bridge To Terabithia tells of a young boy's wonderful maturing.
Plot-ThemeShort Review

As they wrestle with grade school social conflicts and share a fantasy land, ten year old Jess learns from Leslie's bright character and values, until tragedy teaches him to adopt and live by those values.



The Year of Miss Agnes

Local, intellectual inbreeding can constrain overall intelligence.
Plot-ThemeShort Review

After decades of disinterest, backwoods Indian children in Alaska are amazed to find school learning offers real values, and even happiness, thanks to a teacher from England.



Sarah, Plain and Tall

Good character makes happiness & love a success.
Plot-ThemeShort Review

When her widowed father advertises for a wife, Anna anxiously watches for signs that Sarah Wheaton’s visit to their prairie farm will fulfill her hopes for family harmony.