Bookset - 02&Up – Determination

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  • Sadie and the Snowman
  • Red is Best
  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider - Sing Along

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A small plant struggles to survive in sand.Except for Lottery winners, most of the great ‘stuff’ in life doesn’t just fall in our laps.  We have to work for it.  When young children work towards goals within their ability, their best reward is their own achievement.  They learn that trying will bring the reward they sought.  The determination such effort requires is an aspect of the Virtue of Productiveness.

Each time a child succeeds on his own, he also learns a small, cumulative, lesson in his own capability. He gains Self-Esteem (a Value), and learns the Virtue of Independence. Praise from Mum & Dad should not be so effusive as to steal from the impact of the child’s direct experience, lest his motivation for trying becomes pleasing his parents (& others).

Let your child experience the delightful stories below.  For other good stories about determined  characters, choose “determination” or “productiveness” in our Review Finder.

Review of Books



Sadie and the Snowman

A child's erseverance despite the odds takes on a cuteness all its own.
Plot-ThemeShort Review

Little Sadie's childhood perseverance, at making her beloved snowman last, is to cute to ignore.



Red is Best

Self esteem arises from thinking thoroughly & knowing with certainty.
Plot-ThemeShort Review

Red is Best portrays Kelly's admirable and fun, intellectual, independence as she happily tells us all her cute reasons for preferring red.



The Itsy Bitsy Spider - Sing Along

Try, try and try again, till itsy bitsy's up a tree.
Plot-ThemeShort Review

The itsy bitsy spider is undaunted by a fan, a mouse, a cat & a rocking chair, as she purposefully makes her way to the top of a tree to spin her web. Iza's troupe of gentle singers complement the poem perfectly.