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Bookset - 12&Up – Coping With Passing

Tom Barron does an excellent job of explaining how the death of Grandpa still leaves a valuable legacy.Bridge To Terabithia tells of a young boy's wonderful maturing.

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When someone close dies, grief aside, what should one think? Both of these books are best offered to a young reader well before someone they may know passes on. Read More

Bookset - 12&Up – Thinking Things Through

Bridge To Terabithia tells of a young boy's wonderful maturing.Local, intellectual inbreeding can constrain overall intelligence.Good character makes happiness & love a success.

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Perspicacity enables one to see beauty and happiness that is otherwise out of reach. Even adult readers can gain simply by observing how the characters in these novelettes reach a better understanding. Read More

Bookset - 09&Up – `Others` as Values

Local, intellectual inbreeding can constrain overall intelligence.There is a value in seeing the World through others' eyes.

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There must be caves just like our own. . . / And other axes made of stone. . . / And other men like me. . .” |—| ‘Even’ up here in Alaska, even in the narrow lives of illiterate ‘natives’, the wealth of ideas that others bring to one’s life matters! Read More

Bookset - 09&Up – Conflicts & Crises

Henry juggles the problems of baby-sitting.Cave Boy matures & learns mutual trade to mutual benefit.A rescued pet mongoose saves his human family from cobras.

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What sort of man sits, thoughtfully carving wood with a flint knife, when there is hunting to be done? / The great cobras have decided —kill them all! / Closer to day to day: the troubles Henry has while baby sitting?. Read More

Bookset - 06&Up – Facing Challenge

Children need to discover the great value of outside the box thinking.Keep trying & do not delay, you'll find success along the way.

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Challenges can make life, and fiction, both exciting and a nightmare. They give us things we can look back upon and say, “been there, done that, got the t-shirt“.
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Bookset - 06&Up – Defending Values

A rescued pet mongoose saves his human family from cobras.Good children's books teach a fair justice.Children need to discover the great value of outside the box thinking.

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How the heck would Rikki Tikki Tavi save his human family from two terrifying Cobras; by what trick did Arthur defend himself from Binky Barne’s bullying, and by what marvelous ingenuity did Ziggy save the lives of the three little pigs? Read More

Bookset - 03&Up – Courage

"Very Last First Time" shows an Inuit girl's resilience in a frightening place.Help your child deal with a hospital stay.

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Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.” —C.S.Lewis Read More

Bookset - 03&Up – Intellectual Independence

No good author is a second-hander.A child thinks through a lesson, and is happy.Intellectual independence is a decision available to either gender.

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How to defeat a vain dragon, why boots don’t fit, and how to write a speech —three fun stories about acting on, or discovering, the value of thinking for oneself. Read More

Bookset - 00&Up – Baby Boardbooks

Eric Carle The Very Hungry CaterpillarA child's eye view a pre-vocal child will enjoy.

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The first thing a child needs is to discover the amazing real things in the world. Use good Boardbooks to help your child start connecting images with the real stuff. Read More

Bookset - 02&Up – Determination

A child's erseverance despite the odds takes on a cuteness all its own.Self esteem arises from thinking thoroughly & knowing with certainty.Try, try and try again, till itsy bitsy's up a tree.

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Each time a child succeeds on his own, he also learns a small, cumulative, lesson in his own capability. He gains Self-Esteem and learns that determination is a Virtue. Read More