Philosophy, Mission and Purpose

ValuedMinds Philosophy

We believe children will choose to read, if what they read, gives reason for reading. Good children’s literature will show the excitement of struggling towards success and happiness. It will show that effort and virtuous character can succeed, if one pursues rational goals. It will show that the World is never lit more brightly lit than when lit by one’s own achievements. To that end, we believe no child should be offered the irrational masquerading as the rational. It is our goal to help adults find the very best literature for the young minds they love.

Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to help parents find sensible, entertaining books that give children a reason to read. Our purpose is to bring attention to children’s books that convey a rational approach to ideas, to action & to happiness, and that will encourage a lifetime of intellectual growth through reading. Since few parents can examine the sea of children’s books available, we

  1. provide brief, reliable and instructive book evaluations, arranged to
  2. help adults quickly find and purchase books that will respect their child’s mind.

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