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CustomerService: Please let us know the moment you have a concern. Thank-you.

Editorial Department — <>

Content: Suggestions and likes or dislikes about our site’s content and appearance.
Book: Understanding our values, you have a book title that will score over 80 points.
Errata: You’ve spotted a factual error, grammar error, typo or downright useless sentence. Please, copy it & the page address into your e-mail, with a brief explanation.
Publisher: You have a book you believe fits our niche & standards, and would like us to review it.
Copyright: We have tried to obtain permission to use images etc. that are not our own. If you spot something to which you have a documented or de facto legal right, please contact us immediately. We consider intellectual property an essential aspect of civilized society.

Administrative Issues — <>

Website: You wish to report a website problem or suggest a design or navigation improvement.
Screener: You would like to work with the ValuedMinds reviewers as a Screener*.
Business: You would like to trade links, advertise, or offer a service or sponsorship.
Media: You are interested in a press release or interview about ValuedMinds.
*Screeners triage books, enabling Reviewers to direct their energy to only the more important works (including the popular or highly acclaimed) —whether you believe they deserve a high or low score.  This might entail one or two books a month. We will respond with more details.  Of course we expect that you appreciate and guide your judgment by the principles we use in our evaluations.  The basics are  provided on our Literary Approach pages.

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