The Suzuki Foundation vs Children’s Minds

KIDS! Santa is losing his home!!
Save Santa’s home from melting─
Send us money!

Suzuki Foundation and Child Indoctrination

David Suzuki (lower right)

What kid wouldn’t want to help Santa? And the message to parents?
“Play along, or look like a creep in your kids’ eyes.”

But if you play along, what will you be playing at?
Kids don’t ask if Santa is real… you said he was.
Tell them the North Pole is melting, and they’ll believe you.  
They’ll ask why, not whether it’s true.
The Suzuki Foundation may intend this as a light-hearted fund raiser, but it is loaded with the deception and indoctrination of children, and with a subtle blackmailing of parents:
  • expose Santa to your kid,
  • be an environmental curmudgeon, or
  • support Santa, (in effect paying the Suzuki Foundation ‘hush’ money).

The Suzuki Foundation and many other Environmentalists often target children with such brainwashing approaches, and they are not joking! (See below for examples.) No matter what your opinion on global warming, the method used by the Suzuki Foundation is terribly wrong.

WhereWillSantaLive counts on prior indoctrination, and adds to it.  By simplistic understandings indoctrination generates such emotions as fear, pity, disgust, or anger, in a way that draws in untrained or undisciplined minds.  Indoctrination replaces judgment with prejudice, whether or not the simplifications are valid.

Indoctrination is particularly craven when used on children.  That David Suzuki & his Foundation have stooped that low, reveals how little they care about how children use facts and develop reasoning skills.  Contrary to the Foundation’s persistent claims of holding the scientific & moral high ground, their approach also reveals how little they care about facts and reason.

The subject of indoctrination can vary widely.  It is not enough to talk about indoctrination; one must see it in action. Religion is infamous for its use of indoctrination on children. This video shows the reality (yes, it is as racist as it is religious).  Notice the degree of happiness shown by the announcer.


In the next video you will see a 9 year old who has been trundled before the adult politicians and scientists at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  She presents a plea to save the planet.  Yet, so young a child is completely without the necessary scientific, economic or philosophical understanding needed to form any rational opinion on Environmental Issues.

That was Suzuki’s daughter, Severn.  Perhaps she put the phrases together, but the phrases are not her own. She is too young to understand their full implications. Whatever she presented, her father has convinced her is true and sufficient knowledge.

It is immoral enough to lead children into a life of ongoing fear, hatred or anger (heard in Severn’s tone), but the wrongdoing runs more deeply.

The Fundamental Abuse

Indoctrinated children are (mis)lead to believe that the means by which they are indoctrinated exemplifies reasoning.

A child’s capacity for reason is her single most important and powerful faculty. Reason sets her apart from animals.  She needs reason to survive and be happy. Reason, or lack of it, establishes her character and does much to establish who she is.

Indoctrination undercuts her ability to learn and use reason.  She becomes a marionette, responding as someone else pulls strings.  On that day in 1992, Severn was her environmentalist-father’s puppet.

Suzuki & his foundation have long had a significant influence in public schools.  What does that say of the schools and teachers who condone his methods?

It would be fascinating to assemble a varied assortment of video samples, or well sourced quotations, of indoctrination on various subjects to the comments below.

Book Review methods *can* be standardized.

More examples of indoctrination.

The Story of Stuff   Within 60 seconds, Annie Leonard begins telling us we are running out of everything and wrecking the planet.  Elements of truth, combined with exaggeration and scaremongering, to acquire a following.

Jesus Camp  A pentecostal summer camp for children who spend their summers learning and practicing their “prophetic gifts”, and being taught that they can “take back America for Christ.” Note the speaking tongues, the reference to Harry Potter, and how Pastor Becky Fisher claims she talks with God!

Give me the child until he is seven and I’ll give you the man” ~attributed to the Jesuits, perhaps St. Francis Xavier, Ignatious Loyola or Baltasar Gracián.


  • Msusel

    The deception that Suzuki is showing, is it akin to the deception we all practice as parents when we feed our kids the story of Santa? And when they (our children) begin to question Santa, we elaborate on the story. We teach our children not to lie, yet we support and explain the Santa lie for years, because we have advertising and the media behind us. 

  • Richard Bramwell

    Most parents justify their Santa “lie” on (variously worded) grounds of adding to the pageantry of Christmas.  They need not do it as a lie. The parents could refer to “the story of Santa Claus” and could eventually let the child see them hanging up the full stocking.

    Suzuki is using that “lie” to blackmail parents.  He is being the opportunistic criminal who obtains plain evidence that a rich executive is cheating (with money or with a woman etc.) and then demands ‘hush’ money from the executive.

  • Richard Bramwell

    In the late 1700s, the famous poet William Blake was dedicated to ending the indoctrination of children by religious ‘masters’. He went so far as to change religions, and to advocate for the religious freedom that was evident in the new United States of America.  This poem is one of his more poignant attempts to convince adults to let children learn and decide for themselves.  
    [Albion is an ancient name for England. Albus is Latin for "white" —think "Chalk Cliffs of Dover"]

    A Little Boy Lost
    (William Blake)

    Nought loves another as itself,
    Nor venerates another so,
    Nor is it possible to thought
    A greater than itself to know.

    “And, father, how can I love you
    Or any of my brothers more?
    I love you like the little bird
    That picks up crumbs around the door.”

    The Priest sat by and heard the child;
    In trembling zeal he seized his hair,
    He led him by his little coat,
    And all admired the priestly care.

    And standing on the altar high,
    “Lo, what a fiend is here!’ said he:
    “One who sets reason up for judge
    Of our most holy mystery.”

    The weeping child could not be heard,
    The weeping parents wept in vain:
    They stripped him to his little shirt,
    And bound him in an iron chain,

    And burned him in a holy place
    Where many had been burned before;
    The weeping parents wept in vain.
    Are such things done on Albion’s shore?

    The reference to burning the child is a metaphorical reference to the Inquisition, but “in a holy place” could refer to the ‘holy place’ in his character where he dares think for himself